How Personal Loans Can Help You with Your Emergency

When you suddenly have a need for instant cash, an emergency loan could be a great solution. It can help you get out of a sticky situation, thus helping reduce that stress that you’re experiencing due to your problem, too.

In this post, First Finance Company will share with you why personal loans are a great financial solution for emergencies:

How Emergency Loans Work

Most of the time, emergency loans are small. The range could be between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you are going to take one out, you are going to get it in cash so that you can use it for your emergency at once. You will then have to repay the loan through monthly payments over a specific term. Because it’s an unsecured type of loan, there will be no collateral like a car or your home.

The amount that you can borrow, as well as the interest rates, and the requirements vary from one lender to another. Therefore, the best way to get the best emergency loan available is to do your homework and find out which lender could provide you with the best financial solution for your needs.

What Can You Use an Emergency Loan for?

While it is completely up to you what you’ll use it for, here are some of the most common uses of this type of loan:

For Medical Bills

If you or a family member has to go to the emergency room and the cost is not covered by your insurance policy, an emergency loan can be very helpful.

For Your Bills

If you suddenly find yourself out of a job, which is quite common during this pandemic, an emergency loan might be necessary so you can pay your mortgage or other monthly bills while you look for a new one.

For Auto Repair

If your car has broken down out of nowhere and you’re currently strapped for cash, you can get an emergency loan to get that repair covered, whether that’s a simple fix for the brakes or a more complicated repair that requires new transmission.

For Home Renovations

It doesn’t have to be an entire home makeover or room addition. Even a collection of small problems like a leaky faucet, a broken furnace, and some cracked sidings can be expensive when you put them together. Because it’s best to have them addressed all at once, you could take out an emergency loan to cover them all.

What Makes Personal Loans Good for Emergency

Personal loans are a flexible financial solution because they need not be spent for a particular expense like a car loan or a home loan. It’s also very convenient and most of the time you can apply for a personal loan online right from your home and get the result in an instant. Upon approval, you could get the money the same day or within 24 hours, so it’s perfect if you need cash urgently.

Apart from that, they come with lower interest rates than credit cards and payday loans. The higher your credit score is, the lower the interest rate will be, too.


Ideally, there will be no unforeseen events that will require you to take out an emergency loan or you’ll have enough money to cover unexpected expenses. However, the fact of life is, there will be times when you’ll need some financial help. Personal loans can help you go through tough financial hurdles. Of course, to get the best loan for you, you need to find the best lender in your area.

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